battery large(1100mah) eGo King battery Low cost high performance!
    battery large(1100mah)eGo King batteryTwin coil tank

    Suitable for heavy vaping.

    All your voltage needs at the touch of a button. Easy to read lcd screen. Great for twin coil or protanks.A heavy steel casing and totally rebuildable, this tank produces huge vapour. Twice the coils, twice the vapour!!




    Bling cases Cleartank Coil for 2ml cleartank
    Bling casesCleartankCoil for 2ml cleartank

    Attractive purpose built cases for personal vape kits.

    Sizes small, medium and large.

    A good budget tank with bottom feed and replacable coil.

    Easy to replace coil for your 2ml cleartank. FREEPOST




    Coil for Protank Protank Rave battery
    Coil for ProtankProtankRave battery

    Easy to change, economical as well. FREEPOST

    Vapelover Protank is crafted in glass and stainless steel for the finest of vapes. If you vape heavily, this is the tank for you! Bottom feed coil keeps it ready, and heavy construction keeps it cool. Replacement coils at $3.50ea keeps it cheap.

    For the vaper who wants to be noticed!

    As you vape the crystals slowly change colours.

    900mah will do the job.




    Battery medium(900mah) Battery small(650mah) Personal Vaporizer - double kit - Deluxe
    Battery medium(900mah)Battery small(650mah)Personal Vaporizer - double kit - Deluxe

    Suitable for moderate to heavy vaping.

    This size is suitable for moderate vaping.

    Double deluxe vape kit This is the kit for the comitted vaper! All you need for months of vaping. Contains: *2 vape units(battery and clearomizer)*40ml e-juice(you choose the flavours) * *4 spare clearomizers*2 usb charge cables*2 usb 240v wall chargers* *2 lanyards*dedicated vinyl zipper case* 




    Personal Vaporizer - double kit - basic ejuice tank for Personal Vaporizer Lanyard
    Personal Vaporizer - double kit - basicejuice tank for Personal VaporizerLanyard

    Includes 2 900mah batteries, 3 tanks, 1 usb charger, 1 wall charger, 2 lanyards, 1 case, 20ml. ejuice, instructions.

    These clearomizers are a good balance between cost and quality. Available in 5 colours, why not get one of each and fill with different flavours! You will never tire of vaping when you can change flavours this easily.

    Lanyard for the eGo C e-cigarette. Unique design allows the lanyard to attach to the battery. Once you've used one there's no going back. BLUE  Also available in: PINK WHITE BLACK $5.00 each FREE POST within Australia








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